Treadmill Controller Board

treadmill controller board


  • A person in charge of an organization's finances
  • control: a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine; "the speed controller on his turntable was not working properly"; "I turned the controls over to her"
  • restrainer: a person who directs and restrains
  • A person or thing that directs or regulates something
  • accountant: someone who maintains and audits business accounts


  • a mill that is powered by men or animals walking on a circular belt or climbing steps
  • A device formerly used for driving machinery, consisting of a large wheel with steps fitted into its inner surface. It was turned by the weight of people or animals treading the steps
  • an exercise device consisting of an endless belt on which a person can walk or jog without changing place
  • A job or situation that is tiring, boring, or unpleasant and from which it is hard to escape
  • a job involving drudgery and confinement
  • An exercise machine, typically with a continuous belt, that allows one to walk or run in place


  • The stage of a theater
  • A thin, flat, rectangular piece of wood or other stiff material used for various purposes, in particular
  • A long, thin, flat piece of wood or other hard material, used for floors or other building purposes
  • a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
  • a stout length of sawn timber; made in a wide variety of sizes and used for many purposes
  • get on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.)

treadmill controller board – Walk It

Walk It Out
Walk It Out
Get off the couch and get moving to the beat of over a hundred hot songs! Step to the beat of hot hits like the Black Eyed Peas’s “Boom Boom Pow” and Demi Lovato’s “La La Land” and explore a unique in-game world you create with each step you take! It’s a fun and easy way for the whole family to get their hearts pumping! Experience a revolutionary and unique workout where walking to the beat of great music unlocks an exciting in-game world. Keep movin’ to the beat of all your favorite in-game tracks as you extend your workout in bonus minigames. Compatible with the Wii Balance Board and the Wii DanceDanceRevolution Controller, Walk It Out will have you groovin’ your way to a healthier you! Uniquely motivational, explore an in-game world where the more you step, the richer your world becomes. Discover new places and goodies every day! The only fitness-focused game that keeps you in the game with great music! Move to the beat of 120 songs, including 20 favorite licensed tracks, including masters performed by the original artists! Hits include: Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas, How Do You Sleep? by Jesse McCartney, La La Land by Demi Lovato, and more! Get a visual feel for how well you’re doing through charts and graphs that show burned calories, distance traveled, steps taken and more! Play with the peripheral of your choice! Accepts input from the DanceDanceRevolution Wii Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or Wii Balance Board.

Walk it Out! provides gamers on the Wii platform with a unique way to explore an inviting and entertaining gameworld, while staying active and social. Containing both local single player and multiplayer options, and supporting the DanceDanceRevolution (DDR) controller for Wii, the Wii Remote/Nunchuk configuration or Wii Balance Board, players walk to the rhythm of an in-game soundtrack, as well as take on a series of mini-games. With continued success the gameworld expands with new physical elements, as well as additional songs by popular artists which together keep the fun coming and players moving as they discover new challenges with each step they take.
Walk It Out! game logo
Walking towards a whole bunch of possible Event Capsules in Walk It Out!

Walk your way to fun and fitness using your controller of choice.
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Multiplayer screen from Walk It Out!

Two-player local support.
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AI companion giving a caloric breakdown as you walk through the gameworld in Walk It Out!

AI companion stat and calorie tracking.
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The Smash 'n Run mini-game from Walk It Out!

Your choice of three mini-games.
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Walk It Out! is a unique blend of simulation, action, rhythm and exercise gameplay. The game’s main campaign, known as Stepping Mode, exists in an area known as “Rhythm Island”, can be played in single player or local two-player simultaneous and challenges players to explore a gameworld that grows with every literal step taken through it. These steps are patterned after the rhythm of the songs of the in-game soundtrack, which are tapped/stepped out using the game controllers supported. These include the Wii Remote/Nunchuk, the Wii Balance Board and the DDR controller for Wii. Tracks are of various speed and tempo, which the player can alter through difficulty settings. The game features a moving indicator line, known as the “Stepping Guide” that helps players keep in tune with the beat, and the displaying of lyrics, which for some can be helpful in keeping in time, can also be suspended as the player chooses. As players walk in synch they are rewarded with in-game chips, depending on their level of accuracy. These chips can in turn be used to unlock “Event Capsules”, which hold a variety of elements ranging from new songs, new paths through the gameworld and physical environmental features like zodiac constellations and rainbows. The unlocking/purchasing of events can happen as the user pauses the action to do so, or can be cued to happen as the required chips are collected. Additional features include: character customization and Mii support, your choice of a male or female AI companion, in-game song set lists, map functionality and varied camera controls for improved Event Capsule searching.
Along with moving through the main campaign found within the Walk It Out! Stepping Mode, players also have the option to take a break and play a range of entertaining mini-games, some of which involve walking and some not. These include:
A take off on the iconic game Whack-A-Mole, here players try to hit as many of the “Slackie” creatures as possible with an in-game mallet, within the parameters chosen for the game. Multiple difficulty settings are available and play is possible during a single run-through of an unlocked song or set list, or by letting the song(s) loop and play as long as you like.
Psycolo is a puzzle game in which you use your ability to walk to the beat to move a cube around a gameboard collecting hearts and avoiding Slackies, all while maintaining your on-screen health through accuracy in play. The game features 3 ways to move your cube.
Smash ‘n Run!
Another nod to Whack-A-Mole, Smash ‘n Run! again has players looking to drop the hammer on Slackies. The difference here is that players need the right size hammer, if not Slackies can fight back and drain your life. This game also incorporates the Wii Remote/Nunchuk controller configuration with your choice of DDR mat or Wii Balance Board controllers.
Game Features
Uniquely Motivational Gameplay – Stay active and explore an in-game world where the more you move, the richer your gameworld becomes. Unlockable areas and music tracks tied to the in-game time of day ensure the discovery of new items and goodies every time you play.
Music to Get You Going – Walk It Out! is the only fitness-focused game that keeps you in the game with great music. Move to the beat of 120 songs, including 20 licensed tracks, including masters performed by the original artists. Hits include: “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas, “How Do You Sleep?” by Jesse McCartney, “La La Land” by Demi Lovato, and more.
Track Your Achievements – Get a visual feel for how well you’re doing through charts and graphs that show burned calories, distance traveled, steps taken and more.
Wii Balance Board Compatible – Play with the peripheral of your choice, including the DanceDanceRevolution Wii controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Wii Balance Board.
Mini-game Fun – Along with exploring and unlocking the Walk It Out! gameworld, players can also engage in a series of mini-games at any time. These include: Whack-A-Slack!, Psycolo and Smash ‘n Run!.

Open Diary – temporary lodgings on Flickr

Open Diary - temporary lodgings on Flickr
this is how their fans perceived the Argentina team at the 2002 World Cup after they whimpered out.
I don’t think they will suffer this time round………

Friday Froth….

…skipping past Thursday which didn’t have a credible alliteration (‘ Thursday Thoughts’ was a wee bit over glorification for an entry title)
This entry will update as the day goes on….I’m debating whether to continue in notes format or do a referral to my Flickr site which at least means I can put up as little or as much as I feel like…. I’ll see how my mood goes. At least with Flickr I can have a picture as a starting point to bubble on about. I’ve made my OD ‘members read only’ when I’m offshore as I don’t want the next guy to sit down at the machine to check ‘history’ and see what I’ve been posting…I don’t want my colleagues confirming their suspicions that I’m an unhinged idiot.

That pre-amble has made the decision – Flickr it is and a big long ramble – as inspired by the Marvellous Mind-boggling Wisconsin Convenience Store Queen…(thank you very much, Tae, for that quiz this morning which made me late for my bowl o’porridge)

So it’s Friday morning, day nine of fourteen, the weather is mild and bright and I have a ‘to do’ list that would fear normal men, but I have a good tactic of hiding it in a drawer and ignoring it, then cruising through the day on whims and mood swings. It’s worked reasonably OK for the past 30 years, why change now?

Already this morning I’ve been part of the Helideck team to transfer an engineer from here to a neighbouring platform. Instead of our normal Super Puma ‘ North Sea Bus’ type of helicopter, it was one of those ‘whup whup whup’ Vietnam War type Flying Cement Mixers.
I’m now earworming to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, adopting a world weary Martin Sheen attitude and expecting Robert Duvall to appear with a surf board. The horror The horror.

What next…write up all the past couple of day’s scores on my world cup wall chart. Black ink mostly but do a wee finger pin-prick and put ’England 2 Trinidad and Tobago 0’ up in blood.
At least the Southern Neighbours were re-assuringly incompetent in their huffing puffing self-conceited way. A big hurrah to T&T for a noble display.

Better get some work done. .crank up the music…’Swordfishtrombones’ – that should keep the public away.. (sings / grumbles) …..

‘Rattle big black bones in the danger zone
there’s a rumblin’ groan
down below
there’s a big dark town, it’s a place I’ve found, there’s a world going on

Right, on with this stack o’work… ‘Tom Waits for no man, you know’…….

Later…….And I’ve rattled through a bit of Oil Platform Equipment Supply Administration, dealt with few Joe Dimwitts (thanks edna_million for THAT apt description) At times I feel more like a Social Care Assistant than a Materials Controller!

11 am…. Right, I’m going to quietly slope off , pretending I have some stuff out on deck to check, and get an early start on the treadmill – cut down the speed and have a steady run, aiming for a 4 or 5 miler… I’ll need music to stave off boredom….Nazareth ‘Razamanaz’ from 1972 should provide some upbeat momemtum…..

….but alas. As soon as I trudged up from the bottom deck to the Accomodation Block, I knew my wee leggies didn’t have the fuel to do an extended run. (the 8 flights of stairs soon reveal fitness levels) But I duly trotted out a 2 miler and then nipped down for lunch of bangers and mash. (the tatties were a bit over soggy – we seldom get the luxury of decent fluffy mash – but the sossies were suberbly savoury)

One thing is niggling me about my jogging stats is the duff read outs on the machines. On this current machine a steady easy trot sees me take 12 minutes to rack up a mile. Now, I KNOW at home in ‘real’ measured distances I should do that in 10 minutes. As I try to squeeze my runs into a sometimes physically busy ( typo’d ‘busty’ there!) day I should maybe regard 0.8 on the read out as a True Mile. How can these Hi-Tech machines not get programmed properly. On one rig there were 2 identical machines. I was able to do 7 minute miles on one, but to even attempt the same pace per the display on the other one would have burst my lungs, heart and other important bits.

One o’clock and back to work….. Work work…I’ve got a load of Electrical spare parts to requisition….can you feel my excitement?
Na, changed my mind…decided instead to do a bit of my Store Improvement re-vamp. This involves the brutal destruction of a few cumbersome steel shelf rig-ups, in preperation for replacement by super-duper plastic bins that I persuaded management to invest in. Anyway some vigorous hammering and bashing and demolishing definitely got my personal oomph up several notches. The Operators and Techs in nearby workshops had their own ‘nae much happening – chill-out peaceful afternoon’ siesta disturbed.

..up to the back of the store in a quiet moment and do my wee toe-touches, stretches and general floor exercises

Trigger Controller Schematic

Trigger Controller Schematic
PIC12F615 based trigger controller for highspeed photos.
Plugs into the piezo and light sensors I posted previously.

Up to two trigger sources are combined to trigger an external strobe via the SCRs.

If the multiplier is set to zero, either of the two Inputs can trigger the strobe. In this case the delay and deadtime is adjusted via the potentiometers.

If the Multiplier is set to 1..7, only the deadtime value is used, as the delay time is set as a multiple of the trigger time between input one and input two. In this case the firing distance can be adjusted by placing two lightbarriers for example 20cm apart. A multiplier of one will fire as soon as the second trigger comes, a multiplier of 2 will set the firing distance to twice the barrier distance and so on.

A firing event is also displayed by a single flash of the according (positive or negative edge) LED.

treadmill controller board

treadmill controller board

Keys Fitness 6600T Motor Control Board
This is the OEM replacement motor controller originally supplied for Keys Fitness manufactured treadmills for the Keys, Ironman, Tripumph, Alliance, Milestone, Smooth, CardioZone, Exerware, Galayan’s, Encore and HealthTrainer brands. This motor controller comes with a 30 day warranty. Just remember that the number one cause of failure of the motor controller is high walking belt friction. I always make sense to replace the walking belt when you are replacing the motor controller. It will keep you from replacing it again, and again, and again!